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Poolhop can provide you with a pool chemical plan customized to the exact specs of your swimming pool including free monthly delivery in just a few minutes. Your subscription plan includes monthly shipments of premium pool sanitization chemicals such as chlorine tablets (or salt for saline pools), granular shock, and algaecide.

Our pool chemical subscription works for any type of swimming pool including above-ground and in-ground pools. Your customized pool maintenance plan is built around your swim season, so you will receive the right amount of chemicals when the pool is being used regularly. If you are a seasonal pool owners who either open and close or set up and tear down their pool each year, you will only pay a monthly subscription fee for the swim season each year.

A Poolhop pool chemical subscription is a very easy to understand, low cost, and practical alternative to other pool maintenance methods like continual pool store visits, expensive pool chemical tech products, and even for-hire pool service. To learn more and find out if pool chemical subscription service is right for you, read this article on our blog.

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How do I test my swimming pool water?

DIY Swimming Pool Maintenance

The Easy Way to Take Care of Your Pool

Poolhop is a powerful and easy-to-use Internet resource for millions of residential swimming pool owners. Our free online tools simplify pool water chemistry and pool maintenance, and the Poolhop online store provides direct home delivery for all the pool chemicals you need. We make DIY pool care easy!

Poolhop delivers accurate water test results and pool maintenance plans to do-it-yourself (DIY) pool owners along with convenient buying options all year long. From minor chemical adjustments to seasonal and year-round subscriptions, we offer pool owners the high quality pool chemicals they demand precisely when they're needed most.

If you have ever maintained your own swimming pool, or thought about doing it, you have probably figured out that buying pool chemicals is no fun at all. Pool chemistry is confusing, and buying baskets full of chemicals at the local pool store can be wildly expensive. There is a better way.

We have taken the mystery and confusion away from maintaining your own swimming pool. Our online tools allow you to quickly test the water and figure out exactly how much of each chemical you need to keep your swimming pool crystal clear and beautiful. With the guesswork taken out of your pool chemical situation, Poolhop will deliver everything you need directly to your front door. You can even subscribe to your own customized pool chemical delivery plan for the entire year!


Enter the results from any test strip or pool water chemistry testing kit directly into our free online tool to produce a list of the pool chemicals you need, dosage rates with detailed instructions, and have any or all the products you need delivered directly to your front door quickly and easily.


Get a comprehensive DIY swimming pool maintenance plan for the entire year no matter when your swim season begins and ends. Our free online tool calculates your chlorine tab, pool shock, and algaecide needs for the entire swim season. It also works for saline pools and seasonal maintenance.

Pool Chemicals

The Poolhop Online Store offers free shipping and fast delivery on a complete line of premium pool chemicals for both chlorine and saline treat swimming pools. Our Poolhop Pool Pros have vetted and hand-picked each product specifically for DIY pool care enthusiasts just like you. We also carry a full selection of pool equipment, replacement parts, and related products. 
ClearView Insta-Chlor Granular Chlorinated Pool Shock (1lb bag)

ClearView Insta-Chlor is a highly effective, multi-purpose, granular shock treatment that sanitizes, clarifies, and prevents algae in swimming pools.

Includes FREE DIY Pool Maintenance Plan

ClearView Poly Power 60 - Swimming Pool & Spa Water Algaecide (32oz bottle)

ClearView Poly Power 60 Algaecide is designed to stop algae blooms and be used as preventative maintenance in swimming pool and spa water.

Includes FREE DIY Pool Maintenance Plan

ClearView Scent-Trific 3" Jumbo Chlorine Tabs - Swimming Pool Sanitizer (25lb bucket)

ClearView Scent-Trific 3" Jumbo Tabs are slow dissolving, stabilized chlorine tablets (Trichlor-s-triazinetrione) for sanitizing swimming pool water from a floating dispenser.

Includes FREE DIY Pool Maintenance Plan

LaMotte Insta-Test 6 Plus - Swimming Pool Water Test Strips (50pk tube)

LaMotte Insta-Test 6 Plus pool water test strips are a dip & read solution with instant results for free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, pH, total hardness, and cyanuric acid.

Includes FREE DIY Pool Maintenance Plan

The Poolhop Blog

The Poolhop Blog is chock full of helpful swimming pool maintenance articles for DIY pool owners. Whether you are a first time pool owner or an experienced pool care technician, our Pool Pro blog articles will help you stay on top of best practices for testing and applying pool chemicals, maintaining and replacing pool equipment, and premium pool care.
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    Pool Chemical Subscription: Will It Work For My Swimming Pool?

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    Black Algae: A Prevention and Cleanup Guide

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    October 31, 2018
    Pool Water Testing with Test Strips: A Simple Approach

    When I was a kid, I remember seeing the pool guy test my parent's pool every week.  He would walk onto the job, pull out a fancy looking device, and drip the water into tubes of colorful water.  He was so methodical, serious, and precise, I thought he must possess a chemistry degree (or at […]

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    DIY Pool Maintenance: The Pros and Cons

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    October 1, 2018
    Poolhop Press Release

    Redding Company Launches Nationwide, Pool Chemical Delivery Subscription Service for “Do It Yourself” Pool Owners  REDDING, CA (October 2018) – Poolhop, a startup company based out of Redding, California, is announcing the launch of a pool chemical delivery subscription service designed for residential pool owners who prefer a “do-it-yourself” approach to pool maintenance. “Poolhop was […]

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