Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All About Poolhop

  1. What is Poolhop?

    Poolhop is a powerful and easy-to-use Internet resource for millions of residential swimming pool owners. Our online tools simplify pool water chemistry and maintenance, plus our online store provides direct home delivery for all the pool chemicals you need. We make DIY pool care easy!

    Poolhop delivers accurate water test results and pool maintenance plans to do-it-yourself (DIY) pool owners along with convenient buying options all year long. From minor chemical adjustments to seasonal and year-round subscriptions, we offer pool owners the high quality pool chemicals they demand precisely when they're needed most.

  2. Is Poolhop a local pool service company?

    No, we are something even better. If you have ever maintained your own swimming pool, or thought about doing it, you have probably figured out that buying pool chemicals is no fun at all. Pool chemistry is confusing, and buying baskets full of chemicals at the local pool store can be wildly expensive. There is a better way.

    We have taken the mystery and confusion away from maintaining your own swimming pool. Our online tools allow you to quickly test the water and figure out exactly how much of each chemical you need to keep your swimming pool crystal clear and beautiful. With the guesswork taken out of your pool chemical situation, Poolhop will deliver everything you need directly to your front door. You can even subscribe to your own customized pool chemical delivery plan for the entire year!

  3. How does a Poolhop subscription work?

    In a word, easy! Using our online Pool Maintenance Plan Tool, you can calculate the amount of chemicals needed to maintain your pool for the entire swim season and even the off-season if you maintain your pool year-round. It only takes a minute to answer a few questions, and then we provide you with a 12 month pool maintenance plan, dosage chart, and pool chemical list.

    You can buy a month or two worth of chemicals if you like, or, you can subscribe and your pool chemicals will be delivered monthly. Get what you need, when you need it!

  4. Can I buy pool chemicals from Poolhop?

    Yes! Every product in the Poolhop online store was carefully vetted and selected because it is high quality, well liked by DIY pool owner and pool professionals, and a good value. While most eCommerce pool supply outlets offer a zillion varieties of hard-to-understand chemicals, Poolhop makes it simple for you. You can use any one of our free online pool maintenance tools to prescribe the chemicals you need, or simply drop in to our online store and enjoy free shipping and fast delivery on anything you need.

  5. Where does Poolhop provide service and ship pool chemicals?

    As of 2020, the Poolhop online store ships a variety of swimming pool chemicals, parts, and equipment anywhere in the contiguous United States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii). Fee-based Pool Pro Support is available throughout the United States and North America via live chat, email, and phone. Poolhop provides online services such as pool maintenance tools, blog articles, and water testing globally via the World Wide Web.

Swimming Pool Equipment

  1. Do I need to run my pool pump every day?

    Yes, it is strongly recommended. In most cases, your pool pump is connected directly to your pool skimmers, bottom drain (if applicable), and pool filter. Its primary function is to filter and circulate water which cleans the pool and distributes pool chemicals. Failing to run the pump on a regular schedule can quickly lead to a dirty pool, algae blooms, and inconsistent water temperatures.

  2. What does a booster pump do?

    Commonly a booster pump located near your swimming pool equipment is designed to work with your pool sweep. Most pool sweeps are powered by water pressure supplied by a hose connected to a wall socket on the side of the pool. Although some pool equipment systems only have a single primary pump that runs everything, many are not capable of circulating the pool water and adequately powering the pool sweep. A booster pump allows the sweep to run at full capacity to clean the pool floor, leaving the primary pump to filter the water.

  3. Should I install a pool heater on my swimming pool?

    If you primarily swim during the warm months, then a heater is probably an unneeded expense. However, if you want to extend your swim season into the cooler months, you should consider a heater. A solar heating system is a cost effective way to narrowly extend your swim season, but it will not heat your pool year round. A natural gas or propane water heater can provide year round, warm water swimming, but at a cost. Depending on the size of your swimming pool, the energy costs to run both the water heater and pool equipment can be very expensive.
Copyright © 2020 Poolhop, Inc.
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Copyright © 2020 Poolhop, Inc.
All rights reserved.
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